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Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Arrivals and Vintage finds

What a fun day we had! We'd planned a day of taking photos following the arrival of exciting new goodies at Halfpenny Home.

But how best to show off our new wares? Nic popped in to the Antiques Centre at the Old Town Hall, Needham Market, and they kindly obliged with the loan of some lovely vintage keys.

Gorgeous scandi style woven tapes that I am just ga-ga about!

And beautiful quality narrow velvet ribbons. Nic had an inspired idea of using them with our lovely metal buttons to make wine glass charms! She even allowed me to play with some of her most favourite glasses!

And....last but most definitely not least, these absolutely gorgeous spotty, paisley and floral bias bindings.

Set atop a set of vintage postal scales. How pretty do they look?

It's a hard job but someone has to do all seriousness though, we were both whacked at the end of the day! Now all I have to do is update the website with these gorgeous wares!
Hope you like!


  1. Just love those bias bindings, Jennyx

  2. Oh what a gorgeous load of eye candy! I am in love with the keys!

  3. I love the Bias and the photos look great. Inspired idea.

  4. Love the bias! I even managed to get down to the shop so that I could stroke it lovingly. I'm just hatching a plan for a project with lots of edges that can use the jumbo ric rac too!

    Meanwhile, where has the puppy gone? Has he got bigger? Surely some puppy button & ribbon modelling wouldn't go amiss?

    Lisa Museum

  5. oooh, Lisa, you must have read our minds! Your wish may just come true!!!! And yes, he most definitely is bigger and has found his voice!

    Jacqui x