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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Country Buntkin...The Country Living Bunting Giveaway Competition thing...y

We've been waiting for this issue of Country Living to hit the shelves (or for subscribers their doormats...) with slightly higher excitement levels than usual!
We're in it - or rather, the things that we've made are in it and my (Nic's) hands are just visible...

Some of the 35 beautiful step-by-step projects from A Green Guide to Country Crafts are featured and amongst them is the gorgeous bunting made from old shirts, we LOVE this photo and have very fond memories of the day it was taken by the very lovely and rather brilliant photographer and cake expert (!) Gavin Kingcome.
We couldn't resist decorating this barn wall with it over at Green Lodge Farm owned by our good friend Val Beeson.

How gorgeous do the fabrics look against the black boards??!!

It was fun to make this bunting as we got to include the shirt details like this button tab...

How could we celebrate Halfpenny Home's first appearance in Country Living and getting our 100th blog follower?

Jacqui had a fabulous idea!
A blog giveaway - a bunting kit with all you would need to make some bunting just like the one featured in Country Crafts and Country Living!

We've prepared some flags from the very same shirts that we used on our 'Bunting made from old shirts' which along with the old, red seam binding will mean that you can recreate your very own 'Country Living' moment (gate not included)!
You've got until Monday 15th August 2011 to enter and to be entered into the draw you need to be a follower and leave a comment and to get an extra go tweet Nic @halfpennyhome
We'll get Mike the Glassman to draw the winner out of a really lovely Czech glass bowl...
Good Luck!
Nic x


  1. Oh good then I wouldn't have to cut out all the flags ;-)

  2. Its lovely to see fellows bloggers staring in the mags, even if it was just hands! Well done, the photos look lovely.

  3. Hi Nic. I loved my visit to your shop on Saturday, so I thought I'd pop along and check out your blog. Just in time for a giveaway! What luck. ;-)

  4. The bunting is indeed gorgeous and i'd be a fool to not want to win some but the title of this blog is truly inspired !!!

  5. Well done you two! Green with envy at a mention in CL! Wouldn't mind the bunting though! xx

  6. The Bunting against the boards is indeed gorgeous, would be a lovely look for my craft studio (which is, helpfully, a shed in the garden!)

  7. Oh, oh, oh, I have to think of a way to get to B-o-S! Really I would like to live in your shop. Or live in the book, maybe? (Yes, you know I am just a teeny little bit mad...) And the bunting kit is a wonderful idea, it would be brilliant in my long-awaited workroom, too. I was astonished to find my quilt top using Danielle's lovely dandelions on the Quilters' Haven blog. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday x

  8. So glad you made PROPER flappable bunting! - not the stiff pennant kind which will never float janutily atop a breeze. And so proudly upcycled too... am I betraying my prejudices? Yes! I cheered when I saw it come through in my copy of Country Living. Nice job, Nic! :)