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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Let's Have a Vintage and Craft Fair!

We love vintage..
we love handcrafted items.....
we are surrounded by crafty people who like making things with vintage stuff....
So we thought we would start a monthly fair to show it all off and give people a chance to meet the artists, craftspersons and cake makers responsible.
It is, of course a perfect opportunity to indulge in some cakes from Scoffin' - they are bringing scones and muffins.
Do join us for a cup of tea and a scone on Saturday, it would be lovely to see you there Nic x


  1. Sounds lovely - wondering if I can manage to make a visit.

  2. Oooo lovely! I'll definitely be over for this!

  3. I will be making a flying visit in the morning.
    Can't wait.