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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pre-match preparations...

Knitting is calming and relaxing, we'd like to think that this is why Adam joined us this morning for 'a knit' in preparation for this afternoon's big game.
Yes, he is knitting on our 'stunt' ball of yarn from Knit Collage. It's so lovely to knit with so we have some 'on the go' in the shop - no one can resist it! We are eagerly awaiting a shipment due any day now.
Actually... we reckon it was the cake, two to choose from today - orange or chocolate?
We did make him knit a decent amount before we got the cakes out. Nic x


  1. Yesterday was great fun, as always. Adam was superb and has the patience of a saint. I am certain he will go on to knit more once he has taken control of the yarn.x

  2. Thanks again for the crafty goodness on Saturday - I had a blast. Good luck with your knitting (and the FOOTBALL!!) x Kate

  3. Adam is going to be busy this weekend as he is taking Halfpenny Home to the Saints Market in Ipswich.
    I'm dusting off the picnic basket and the stripy deck chairs to get ready for a lovely day.
    Lovely to see you as always Miss Annie and great to meet you Kate, glad you liked all the craftiness! Nic x

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for becoming a follower. I popped over to see you and Oh MY Word! If I lived near you I would be in your studio all the time! I dream of setting up exactly the same type of shop here in sunny Sale. One the meantime I can enjoy yours vicariously!Lots of love, Amanda xxx