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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Beware! A very floral posting...

Halfpenny Home closes at 1 pm on Saturdays - this is so we can run workshops during the afternoon. However, this weekend I closed up and dashed into Ipswich to deliver some ribbons to my friend Libby at Myrtle and Mint on St. Peter's Street. When I arrived Libby and Jenny were organizing the blooms for a photo shoot for Bride and Groom magazine. I took the opportunity to get some photographs so that you can see just how beautiful the shop is!
This bouquet was just being wrapped...
Libby uses vintage jars, vases and jugs to display the blooms - I think you can see why we get on so well...
The colours are stunning and I love this lineup of jugs with blooms. I managed to persuade Libby to let me have some of the roses in the pink and white jug, she assured me that they would survive the train journey home.
Here's the arrangement safe and sound and adorning one of the tables at Halfpenny Home, you can find Myrtle and Mint at 32 St. Peter's Street or at
It's our fair next Saturday 11 am - 4 pm, it would be lovely to see you there! Nic x


  1. Loved the first vintage and craft fair, well worth a visit, missed the others am now getting very strong withdrawal symptoms for buttons, cakes and all things crafty. Hope to see you saturday. x Jo

  2. Hi Jo! It will be lovely to see you on Saturday, we do have some new buttons by Injabulo which are making us all go silly. Cakes, buttons and craft all on tap, Nic x