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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Colinette Yarn arrives at Halfpenny Home!

I spent the whole day putting it into skeins and looking at all the lovely colour combinations. Colinette yarn is hand dyed so you get a lovely variegated yarn. We've got Skye, which is an aran weight yarn in star anise, vatican pie and velvet leaf. Point five is a lumpy bumpy yarn which is popular with felters and we have it in five colourways including turquoise, raspberry, toasted macaroon, mint julep and wasabi squeeze. The names are incredible aren't they? Other treats include a shaggy cotton yarn called Fandango and a double knit washable merino which I reckon would be perfect for socks. It's going to be a lively knitting morning tomorrow!
I had to share these cake photos with you! The chocolate muffins are from Scoffin' and the cardboard cake shaped gift boxes are by mimibellatree.
We had a visit from Iris on Saturday, she came in to show us her latest Linus quilt. Linus quilts are made by volunteers for children in distress, the name comes from the Peanuts character who was never without his comfort blanket! Iris has tried out some of the fancy stitches on her new sewing machine on this one.
Not wanting to be left out of all this creative activity I thought I would show off a recent commission - a loose cover fashioned from an old linen sheet for a stately winged arm chair. I like this style of cover as it's unpiped and if made in old sheets can be washed without any fear of shrinkage.
I had to be very disciplined and get the cover finished before I unwrapped the brand new pegloom which arrived last week and I'm eager to try out! Have a good week, Nic x


  1. Oooooh! Colinette looks fab - you might have to see me soon! T x

  2. Hi Nic - am I being even more daft than usual, or have I missed the giveaway winner? (It's pretty difficukt typing with your fingers crossed)! H

  3. No Helen, you haven't missed it! We will get an independant and totally unbiased person to draw the winner on Thursday! Look out for the post on Friday and good luck, Nic x

  4. Yummy, I can almost feel them! I can't wait to stroke the lovely wooly stuff!
    Hoping to see you next week. Emily is still attempting to knit..we have developed a four handed technique which seems to be working...Jamie has even tried it. He managed one row and was off.
    Be seeing you. x

  5. ..gorgeous chair and I like the paintings in the background :)

  6. Well done Emily! The paintings do look rather at home here...look forward to seeing you and we can get all the different colours of Colinette out! Nic x