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Thursday, 16 September 2010

A day of pleasant presents!

I finished the new bunting for my bike, it flaps around quite happily!
The new skull and crossbones fabric is irresistable, I had to make something with it and the black and white gingham is just the thing to go with it.
Poor old bike has to stand outside Halfpenny Home in all weathers and he's looking his age - 84!
I had a visit from our next door neighbour who is never far from her preserving pan at this time of year, she's used one of our new Christmas fabrics to top her jars of mincemeat. The other preserves Jo makes get to wear gingham...
Non-crafty people may find it hard to get excited about a delivery of ragrug hooks but we did! We've not had any of these in for ages and now more than ever people are eager to learn this most thrifty of crafts, ragrugs are made with old rags that are of no further use and these are transformed into pieces of textile art using very simple techniques and tools!
The best surprise today was the parcel that arrived from these beautiful earrings! They are so lovely and made from old chandelier drops - nice recycling!
Thank you so much, what a treat. The box is a beautiful colour too! Nic x


  1. I love your bike bunting! What a fab idea! I've just spent a couple of ideas attaching fake flowers (from a former fancy dress costume) to my bike's mesh basket.

  2. Might have to get one of those rag rug hooks you know! Love the earrings - funky bunting too. I WISH I lived closer! T x

  3. Oh, I'm glad the bunting has passed muster! I'm obsessed with pirates - from Pugwash all the way to Depp (blush)!
    I have one of those mesh baskets for my other bike which was cast aside when I met Rudge. I felt guilty at the time but when I saw Bert Rudge (for the first time at a warehouse in Mare Street, Hackney) it really was love at first sight! I fell off twice (once each side) during the first 'test ride'...but I still love him.
    I really wish that we lived nearer to each other too Tracy, Jess and I were raving about your sheep last night!
    I've had a lovely day, Nic x

  4. I think my bike basket might enjoy some bunting - shall have a rummange in my fabric stash.

  5. That is lovely bunting and what a great idea!! I might have to tell Victoria at work as her lovely Pashley bike stands outside Bespoke Country all day and would look fab with some bunting on it!!!
    Love the fabric on the mincemeat jar!!!
    Andrea x

  6. I'm so glad the earrings arrived safely! I loved the box too. Have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on reading your blog. I love your bike bunting! There's a cafe/handmade chocolates shop nearby and they have an beautiful old bike sat outside in all weathers with seasonal displays in the basket. Oodles of daffs in Spring, pumpkins over Autumn. I love going past just to see what's in the basket! I'd love an old bike with a basket for my garden. I have a thing for container gardening and would love to have a seasonal bike basket! xxx