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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Old friends - new fabrics!

Jacqui has wanted to make a bag like my vintage rose bag with the bamboo handles for as long as I can remember! So when I found this version of the fabric in her colours we decided it was time to make one. It was also a good excuse to get Liz and Kay to join in, Liz chose this gorgeous vintage linen curtain...
It was the first time we had seen Liz since her wedding, we made her a cherry bakewell tea cosy as a wedding present, she is rather partial to them!
Of course we always have cake, usually homemade by Scoffin' but this time it had to be...

Here's Kay's bag in a 1979 Sanderson and lined in one of our new cotton poplin prints!

We've been looking forward to these polka dot fabrics for a while, aren't they fun!
There are loads of things I want to make with these two, the tiny flower print is so pretty.
Boys seem to get left out when the girls get to hang up their bunting and we've been searching for some nice non-girly fabrics to make bunting for them - I love the skull and cross bones and I'm just finishing off some bunting in it for my trade bike, he needs smartening up!
Hope you like them as much as we do, Nic x


  1. I love those bags with the bamboo handles. Gorgeous.

  2. I love the bags, it has reminded me that I have one somewhwere and I know my Gabs will love it!
    Love the Cherry Bakewell T Cosy!!
    Andrea x

  3. The bags are great, the bamboo handles really set them off! Whenever I'm out and about with mine I can feel people looking at it. The rose fabric was in our ragrug ragbag (try saying that a few times!)and was originally on a sunlounger with green plastic piping.
    It was so lovely to see Liz again and to share some cherry bakewells.
    Glad you all like them, Nic x