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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Smashing Pumpkins!

The best thing about this chilly autumn weather is the fact that you can really get on with your knitting in public without onlookers thinking that you are a little bit odd!
Since the Knit Collage arrived at Halfpenny Home earlier this year I've been thinking really hard about what to do with it - it's so special that it has to be exactly the right project to really do it justice....I do need a hat but we also have Skye Aran Yarn from Colinette and there's a hat pattern on every skein of that! Kay made this one in Vatican Pie.

I've already made a really long scarf and some mittens which are perfect for wearing when I'm out riding my bike. I found this yarn in QD (YES) QD in Stowmarket! Tipped off by Jane I rushed over there and was knitting it up as soon as I got home...
I'm really pleased with the scarf - I doubled up the yarn and knitted it in moss stitch - it was a really fast knit and it's soooo long with lovely fringing!
With Halloween fast approaching I took part in a Halloween blog swap I sent these spooky treats to Gill, it was great fun!

Any excuse to get on with a bit of bunting making...
Here it is all pressed and packed ready to be posted!
It was a Halloween swap and I had to get in a bit of knitting! I have been planning to make one of these for a while now - neon orange yarn supplied by Miss Pat! Luckily the Sue Ryder shop next door had a teapot the exact size needed - I gave it a good clean before filling it with sweets and wrapping it well!
I think Gill liked it almost as much as I enjoyed making it!
Knitting pattern is on it's way Helen!

We love living in Suffolk and love to support local businesses, we often drop by Alder Carr farm to pick up something nice for lunch - which is exactly what we did yesterday and was greeted by this magnificent sight, isn't it amazing?!
Nic x


  1. Thanks Nic - it is amazing! I love this post and all the great photos. I went to our farm shop this week but doh - didn't take my camera. I may go back today, but Husband is hoping I don't - last year we had over a dozen pumpkins outside our house, all lit with fairy lights inside. They looked fab and I fancy doing it again....xx

  2. Wow, that's a lot of pumpkins! Great photo! The halloween bunting looks great as does the pumpkin teapot cover and your scarf and gloves (they'll be lovely and warm in this weather!)! :) x

  3. I don't like halloween, our house is spooky enough all year round! but I love autumn and pumpkins and dried leaves! love your pumpkin pic please can I use it with a link to you?

  4. Of course you can Jenny! The colours of all the different pumpkins are incredible, it fair took our breath away...
    I've been going to the farm since 1985 when I first moved to Suffolk a fact that makes me feel really old...Nic x

  5. Lovely, I love Autumn too. Nic you have continued to inspire me and I have been making Halloween bunting with the kids. I have even updated my blog with pictures of the making it.
    see you soon Maria B xxx