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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Yay! It's the new Oh Comely!

We always get excited about parcels at Halfpenny Home, though the contents are usually yarns, buttons or vintage notions from all over the place. This week though it was a parcel containing the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine. Time to put the kettle on and get comfy in the armchair...
Oh Comely is a lovely mix of art and craft, food and creativity - fits in very well at HH where you will find it by the tea trolley laden with bias can always come and have a look through our shop copy, the photography is beautiful.
This issue features a friend of ours, Jess from Cuppa Tea and Cake and some of her polka dot bunting! Jess is also one half of the I Make Fun Stuff duo who organize the fantastic craft fairs in Ipswich - we've been to a few...
We stayed very close to Halfpenny Home this weekend when we attended the annual craft fair that is held in Needham Market - it has 50 stalls and we were one of them!
We took along the new Alpaca Select yarns that we have just got in - 4 ply for socks! It's so soft and comes in lovely colours. It's one of the many new yarns that we were introduced to by Stewart from Maid of Fibre - he visited us the other week and braved the Wednesday morning knitting group who ooohed, aaarghed and sighed their way through all his lovely samples...

More Alpaca Select....!
We were lucky enough to be opposite Kimbeau. who make these gorgeous marinades and sauces along with spectacular fudge and sorrel jam that is out of this world!
We did a lot of tasting before choosing...yum!
If you've ever paid a visit to us at Halfpenny Home you will recognise this table but it is usually completely covered with strawberry tea cosy covered tea pots, hand thrown and painted mugs, projects on the go and cakestands piled high with wool - it's never this clear, ever! I'm just about to cut some fat quarters of our new fabrics and there is an awful lot of them to do...
It will be back to it's usual chaotic messines when normal service resumes tomorrow, Nic x


  1. I am coming to Ipswich next april and can't wait to come and see you! wool, fabric, cake... I love them all, hope your fair went well. Our new mail order brochure went out this week did you get one? jennyx

  2. ooh! It will be lovely to see you, let us know when you are coming and we'll roll out the red carpet!
    Did you send it to the studio? It's not here yet! I'm sending out mushroom kits (they have to be made from specially dyed yarns) this week - how many would you like us to send to you? Nic x

  3. Thank you for this Nicola! I was very excited I must say