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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Halfpenny Home visits the Hitcham After Seven's!

Sitting here at my kitchen table I am remembering the evening we spent in the company of the Hitcham After Seven's. These ladies started to meet up every fortnight 35 years ago and the current Chairperson Sadie is one of the clubs founder members. They have a guest speaker every time that they meet up and always have a splendid time!
We were invited along after a few of 'The After Seven's' had visited Halfpenny Home and being a crafty lot they knew that we would be able to organize a quick make that they could all enjoy...
We packed up our wicker hamper with goodies and treats from HH...

The china chicken that you usually see on the big table at the studio came along and made itself useful ferrying threads from table to table...
Decorating haircombs, brooches and hairbands with Suffolk puffs, buttons and colourful feathers kept us all busy until coffee time!
Rosina, seen here sitting to the right of the picture is the events co-ordinator and works hard to make sure that the diary is full and that the ladies are always entertained.
I even had a little time to start on a little something for myself, I've wanted to use this lovely brown spotted fabric for ages and then when this gorgeous rose print poplin arrived I couldn't wait any longer!
I'll post the results when I have finished, Nic x

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