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Monday, 14 February 2011

I'm in love!

Not the typical Valentines gifts for me this year! A packet of love hearts - remember them?
Rory's arrival into our lives last Friday. What an impression he's made on us already!
We've fallen hook, line and sinker with this little bundle of white fluff.

He may look innocent but he most certainly does have character!

He is just a joy. All that bouncing around though is very tiring and he needs his beauty sleep.

Love is......
I hope Barney approves, and knows that a little bit of my heart will always be his.
Hope you've had a special valentines day too!
Jacqui x


  1. Having a Westie boy myself I know how you feel, it seems like a life time away since Billy was a puppy, he is nine now. Rory looks so cute,no wonder you have lost your heart to him, hope you have many happy years together & good luck with the toilet training.

  2. Oh Jacqui he's so adorable!!!!! What a lovely little chat he is :)

  3. If you ever get fed up with him give me a call.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments. I had seriously forgotten what having a puppy around was like!! There's certainly been no time for making stuff that's for sure, but its a sacrifice worth making. Westies are just such great little characters, or should I say big characters!!!I promise however, I will resist the urge to post too regularly about him!!!

  5. He's like a walking pom-pom! Just gorgeous. Hello Rory. Post about Rory as often as you like, just seeing his pictures has put a smile on my face! Em x