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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

All the hard work was worth it.......

It's arrived! The day we've been waiting for!
When we finally got to see the final result - it's a proper real life book! More importantly, our book!
We knew it was on it's way - and Nic arrived extra early almost lynching the postman when he turned the corner towards Halfpenny Home HQ! But what a scary moment too!

As only a handful of copies are available at the moment we've only been allowed one copy to share between us - and so far we've managed not to fall out! Nic even slept with it by her side on that first night!!!

Seeing our names, and name of the shop, on the front cover was a really special moment. There were more than a few squeals of excitement!
The book has been stroked, sighed over and has even been baptised with champagne courtesy of Harriet!

Gavin Kingcome's photography has really captured the essence of Halfpenny Home and it is so exciting to see the familiar surroundings in print for all to see!
We should probably end with an apology for our self indulgence and over use of exclamation marks - we hope you'll forgive us!
Jacqui & Nic
PS It's out on 10th March (UK) end of March in the US!


  1. It looks lovely! Can't wait!
    Jille x

  2. Fantastic, well done to you all! you must be so proud! jennyx

  3. The book looks brilliant . Congratulations....I have just looked it up on Amazon.
    Unfortunately I have yet to visit you as I work full time but hopefully over the Easter holidays I'll call in. Did try once but couldn't find anywhere to park.
    Congratulations once again and when will copies be available in the shop?

  4. How exciting, well done to both of you!

  5. Thank you very much everyone! We are hoping to have the book for sale in the shop on Saturday 12th March. For the first 100 copies sold, there will be a little extra surprise......

    Look forward to seeing you!

  6. Oh that is EXCITING! Well done! Can I buy it through your website? As you know I live 200 miles away! Would you sign it for me??? So many questions....
    Rosy xx

  7. It is very exciting and we're so glad that everyone is as excited as us!
    It will be on the website soon, I'm sure that I can put one by for you Rosy!Nic x

  8. Can't wait to see it in real life - will you take pre-orders? Well done you two!

  9. Yippeeee!So excited for you both ...and I can't wait for my own copy. See you soon. M xx

  10. Oh well done to you both! I have mine on back order with Amazon as you know - can't wait for it to drop through the door! How exciting it must be for you to actually hold a copy in your hands! T x

  11. What an inspiration you two are. Well done - you must be so proud of what you have achieved, I know I am! Will definitely be one of your first book customers! Love you loads, Charlotte x

  12. It's definitely an eek-worthy moment!

  13. Congratulations, what a wonderful achievement! Em xxx

  14. Oh wow - congratulations - I will definately NEED to buy a copy of your book - another good reason to pop over to see you - and I can tell you all about my trip to Norway when I come over :)