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Sunday, 4 July 2010

A lovely weekend!

No lie-in for me this Saturday! I arrived at the local car boot venue at a stupidly early 6.15 to join the other booters busily setting up their stalls. I had my mum for help and we duly set up the obligatory trestle tables and covered them with nice white sheets to set off my clutter to best effect. Though I had doubts about the early start, it was ultimately worthwhile, and of course,I couldn't resist a little rummage around the other stalls. I found just what I had been looking for - a manual typewriter. I don't intend dumping the computer but I do have something particular in mind for my new purchase.....more on that another time! I am also very chuffed with my tin of Nutscene lilac twine. It's just lovely and my tomato plants are now well and truly tied to their stakes with lovely little lilac bows!!!

Some time ago my mum gave me two hardwood deckchairs that needed new slings. As the weather was set fair I decided it was time to get to grips with these! This is the before picture...

As usual, my westie cannot ever be left out of proceedings! Believe it or not there was no staging involved in the picture below. Having sanded and waxed the frame I literally placed it onto the floor to measure my lovely new canvas, and there he was!

Below is the finished article! Finished with lovely flower upholstery pins from Halfpenny Home.

Continuing my productive weekend, I got on with a couple of painting projects I have to do - the stool is for a customer and the tray is destined for Halfpenny Home. They have yet to have their decorative finishes applied so I will try and post again when they are done.

I am so chuffed with the results of my salad sowings! It felt so good cutting my own salad for my tea! My husband made home made beef burgers to accompany the salad and we had peach bellinis too! Very decadent!
As you can see from my very full wine boxes, I think I have a little to learn about sowing! I need to be a little less heavy handed! I did try to thin them but it wasn't successful as I just couldn't bear to throw any away.
Feeling like I have acheived quite a bit this weekend and feeling full and content after a lovely time in the Suffolk sunshine! Hope you've had a good weekend too!
Jacqui x


  1. Jacqui, what an awesome day you had. The chairs are divine and I do believe I have deck-chair envy, in the nicest possible way though.

    I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the typewriter.

    Well teh sun is shining and it is time to make packed lunches and consume my usual large dose of morning caffeine. Hope to see you soon.

    Annie x

  2. Thanks for your comments Annie. Love your blog picture of a gorgeous pixie on her beautiful shiny pashley! Just lovely!

    Have a good day. Jx

  3. Whoops. Sorry about the spelling mistake up above.... can't find my reading glasses, inside the pouch where they are normally located, I instead found a pair of scissors.

    I have had an upside-down day, I'll explain more on my blog when I have located my glasses, guess they might be where the scissors should have been. Oh dear, more upside-down and inside-outie issues to contend with, far too much for a Pixie on a Monday.