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Friday, 9 July 2010

Happy Jeans

Whilst pedalling furiously alongside Pixieannie last weekend on our way back from our favourite shop (see earlier post) I happened to ask her if she thought it would be a good idea to crochet along the edge of the hems on my jeans. She answered in the way that she often does after a bit of a ponder with 'do it' so I did and I love it!
The green is the yarn we found at 'the shop' and the pink is craft cotton that I dyed over the Christmas break with Dylon in mexican red. I cut off the hems of the jeans and turned over the raw edge 1/2" and blanket stitched all round. Then I crocheted a chain stitch into each horizontal part of the blanket stitch. For the second round of crochet I repeated the following pattern of stitches into the first round of stitches - single, double, single all into one stitch of the previous round. This gives it the wavy effect. The next round is just a single into each and I worked it in the pink to give it a nice border against the green.
I've been wearing them today and I'm sure that they have made a really good day a really great day!
Hope you like them too, Nic x


  1. Oooooooohhhhh, delightful, utterly delightful, Miss Nicola. Well done you creative and artistic young lady. I love the colours, they remind me of candyfloss, spearmint, happy days and dancing.


  2. What a great idea! They look lovely. And doesn't the shop look different (re next post) a year on - you're doing a fantastic job - I've been talking to my 11 year old about it, shame she's with her dad next weekend or we'd venture down to see you for the crafts fair...