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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Perfect Day

What a great day! It started with me picking, digging and collecting my lunch, thank you lady chickens for the lovely eggs. These are the first dig of the new potatoes and yet another bowl of strawberries - yum! You can't get better than that, or so I thought until I happened to mention to Pixieannie that I may saunter over to a lovely little place we know which has goodies galore and she agreed to accompany me on her lovely new bike. We were not disappointed as we found this gorgeous 4 ply yarn which is perfect for making the vintage inspired socks on - what a great colour!
After all the excitement last Saturday when Jacqui got this rather marvellous tea trolley I didn't think we could be so lucky and find more treasures but I was wrong...
This cupboard was just begging to 'come home'...
and these beautiful cups will be put through their paces...
but best of all, I had one of these pyrex type dishes from phoenix glass for years and broke it the other day whilst washing up. I was devastated at the time but found three of them today - hurrah!
What a great day and we got to ride our bikes down the big hill as well as stopping for icecream on the way home, Nic x


  1. All this excitement has left me quite exhausted, Miss Nicola. Thank you for the scrumptious potatoes at lunchtime, mmmm nom nom nom. I have almost finished my tea cosy, just got to knit the leaves and the stalk, I'll need to rummage through my bags of yarn to find just the right shade. I'll have more pics of my purchases when the camera battery has been charged. The wheels on the Pashley have been polished to within an inch of their little lives and my derriere isn't too traumatised after sitting upon the as unyet broken in saddle. Happy times in Pixie Land.

  2. You've reminded me I must check if the spuds in my garden are big enough to eat yet.
    I like your little cupboard.