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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pop The Corks!

and yes, it really did hit the ceiling!

It may have been a rainy January day in Suffolk however, it's been a day of celebration at Halfpenny Home!

Today was the day when the first order from our website left Halfpenny Home! We recieved an order for some lovely handmade ceramic Injabulo heart buttons, a bit of a favourite of ours!

We've learnt such a lot in this last year, and we're still learning! It's no exaggeration to say that we've taken thousands of photos and met some very clever people who have been very patient with us! We are now proud to officially announce that our website is well and truly launched!

Sending our first order out today meant such a lot to us. Knowing that an enthusiastic crafter liked what we had to offer on our website made us very happy bunnies indeed!
Thank you everyone for your help and for being so patient with us, Nic and Jacqui x


  1. Well done you two!!! It feels great doesn't it! Here's to many more sales!

  2. HOORAY! Congratulations, Halfpennies!

  3. Congratulations! I know what a thrill that is! I hope it is just the start! jennyx

  4. Oh wow - congratulations!! I was so excited to see my sisters crafty stuff for sale (she's the famous Lisa, of Erika Eckles) - hope you don't mind, but I'm writing about you on my blog :)

  5. Hi Nicola, your sister is a very clever stitcher and we really love her stuff!
    It must be in your genes as the quilts that you make are beautiful too and of course we don't mind you blogging about us! Thanks, Nic x

  6. Oh thank you so much :) I have duly blogged about you - and added a link to your online store - hope that's ok - and will try to pop over on Saturday morning to see you :)

  7. Oh Nic how exciting - to see my yarn on sale on your new website! The site looks absolutely great - well done to you all!! T x

  8. Congratulations, and here's to many more orders!