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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A 'tail' of two halves...creativity and destruction!

Being the last weekend before the Swedish Fayre, and being ever so slightly concerned that I wouldn't have enough goodies for my stall, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon cooking up some of the pinecone firelighters that feature in our book, A Green Guide to Country Crafts. 
They are ever so simple to make so, having gathered together all of the suitable vessels I could find to fill, I set about melting my soy wax flakes...
The job was made all the easier due to a recent find in our local Sue Ryder Charity shop - this rather fetching preserving pan - very sturdy and in great condition.  A steal at £5! 
I waxed some wick and put one in each mould before filling with melted wax.....
And then topping each one off with a hand-picked pine cone!  The trick is popping in the pine cone just at the right time - when the wax has partly set.
The metal patisserie moulds are the ones I used in the book, but I have to say, the silicone moulds worked a dream and were dead easy to slip out once the wax had set.
All ready to go the fayre!

And then.....ready and waiting to counter my burst of creativity head on...Rory the destroyer set to work!
Firstly it was hubby's (quite expensive) slippers.....whilst my back was turned for a moment.
Followed shortly afterwards by the very swift destruction of a new toy.  It lasted all of half an hour in Rory's very capable paws!
And as something of a finale, a pair of our lovely painted bamboo needles bit the dust care of yours truly!
Good job I love him to bits, little monkey!
Still, without him, I would not have been out walking this morning and I would have missed the pleasure of these.  I just love the ethereal quality of honesty and have an idea for using some to make a card for a friend.....

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Shaping up!

If you're anything like me, it's taken a while to get to grips with the fact that Christmas really isn't that far off!  The weather has been so mild of late here in Suffolk but, the leaves are now falling fast, the dark evenings longer and it is getting a little cooler too.  I've also the added incentive of a fast approaching Swedish Fayre to focus my mind on creating!

Creeting House are hosting their second Swedish Fayre on Saturday 3rd December, and, as a lover of all things Scandinavian, well, it was too much to resist!  So, I've made a start.  First I got busy with the air drying clay, rolling pin and cookie cutters to create some little ceramic decorations and tags.

 I've also been busy with the blank wooden shapes that we sell on our website, to create some Nordic inspired creatures such as the mummy and baby reindeer, complete with tinkly bells, and the winter hares with ribbon bow.

Some pretty wooden hearts - perfect for hanging on doors and cupboards as well as making sweet and individual table presents. And the ever popular bundles of Christmas Trees that look so pretty standing on a mantelpiece interwoven with ivy or garlands.

We've just added the Angel shapes to our website - a new design that we created after a customer suggested it! So, here are the first two that have been decorated.....never miss an opportunity to use buttons and embellishments!

I've lots more ideas, and works in progress....but sadly, not lots more time, so I will have to sneak in whatever crafting time I can find!

I'm going to be in good company at the Fayre as Sam, a good HH friend, will also be having a stall with lovely handmade woollen and felted goodies and Caitlin, who has made some gorgeous cards and button bracelets that we've shown off on the blog previously, will also be there!
I've posted the details below - if you can make it we'd love to see you!
P.S.  There's a Christmas Tree Festival in the Village Church right opposite on the same weekend - rumours have it you might even see a haberdashery tree!!! 
Jacqui x

All Saints Road, Creeting St Mary IP6 8PR
(Opposite the Church)
SATURDAY 3 December 11am to 4pm
Swedish Christmas decorations and gifts  
Speciality Craft stalls, reclaimed & new gift items
Deli specialities courtesy of “ATaste Of Sweden”
Come along and meet Lars, Ture & Ulfie, the Swedish chefs from Stockholm!
At the Market they will be offering Glögg, gingerbread. saffron buns, & hot dogs.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Let there be cake!

Lady Galula and her eclectic cakes are to take up residence, albeit on a part time basis, at Halfpenny Home!
Kay's regulars will be very pleased to know that they can now stock up on her yummy creations whilst visiting HH HQ! Kay will be visiting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month with a mouthwatering selection of her wonderful gluten free cakes.
I can vouch for the lime and camomile cupcakes.....
Above is a coconut cake with coconut icing.....
And to finish.....a gorgeous Red Velvet cake - made with beetroot. Delish!
I think Tuesdays are just about to get a bit busier......