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Monday, 12 December 2016

Workshops 2017

 These Merry Mice are not only wishing you all a Merry Christmas but also bringing the workshops of 2016 to an end :-( Don't be glum chum, turn that frown upside down :-) because...

 I don't want to Badger anyone (see what I did there?) BUT the end of 2016 means that 2017 is nearly here! Seven and a bit years of creative workshops at HH HQ and we're still coming up with new ones, it usually starts like this...oooooo, this is fun to do! I reckon a load of other people would like to do this too...
 Oh, hello lovely little mouse with red mittens! Did you enjoy the gluten-free apple and ginger cake? Thank you to lovely Sue Howlett for bringing along her fleecy friends and helping some eager crafters to create some fantastic Christmas Creatures from fleece this weekend! We all loved it!
We're a little behind in getting this workshop list out in blogland due to some nasty Avian Flu alert last week which led to a whole day building a sizeable shed to cover the allotment chooksters, elderly cockerel and his 4 retired egg laying wives are now safe and sound! I know other poultry keepers are also concerned including this little kitty's homeowners - let's hope it passes quickly!
 I really enjoyed the two workshops this weekend, I was a bit naughty and booked myself on the jewellery one - no pics because I *may* have been making Christmas presents...
Workshops 2017!
Needle Felting
Saturday 4th  March
Saturday 22nd April
Sunday 28th May
Sunday 25th June
Sunday 23rd July
Saturday 16th September
Sunday 22nd October
Saturday 2nd December
Sunday 10th December 
All sessions are 11am - 3pm and cost £40 per person - a £20 deposit secures a place.
  All materials are included plus you take your tools home with more fleece to carry on stabbing!

Scarlett Valentine Millinery

Sunday 26th February - Silk Roses
Friday 7th April - Origami
Saturday 20th May - Scandi-Handicrafts
Sarah's millinery techniques lead to some extraordinary paper craft and flower creating workshops which are always great fun!
Saori Style Weaving with Cherrie Stevens (Weaverbyrd)
Sunday 14th May
Saturday 17th June
Saturday 8th July
All sessions are 10am-4pm and cost £55 per person, your loom will be warped ready for you to start weaving straightaway!

Polymer Clay and Resin Jewellery Making - we need a better name for this Jackie!

The jewellery is amazing and when you combine it with resin it just looks incredible - cufflinks, brooches, pendants, earrings and bracelets are just a few of the things you can make in a day!

Saturday 18th March
Saturday 15th April
Saturday 27th May

All sessions are 11am - 3pm and cost £40 per person - 5 pieces of jewellery are included to be made with extra findings if wished available to purchase on the day. Please note that the resin has to be left to set for a week so you will need to return to collect.

Lino Cutting and Printing

Saturday 5th March
Saturday 8th April
Saturday 24th June
Saturday 5th August
Sunday 27th August
Saturday 18th November
Saturday 25th November

Print fabric, paper, card or wood with lino cut designs you have designed yourself!

Wet Felting

Friday 28th April
Friday 16th June
Friday 11th August
Friday 6th October
Friday 17th November

Delighted to welcome Kris Marriott to HHHQ! Master felt maker and former shepherdess! Inspiring others to felt and achieve brilliant results. To quote a friend 'Kris has them making a hat, bag or slippers in a day, a day!'
All sessions are 10am-4pm and £55 per person.

Jointed Mohair Bear Making

Sunday 12th and 19th March

Let Helen guide you through the fascinating world of jointed bear making over two days of relaxing hand sewing and bear construction. There's a little hand-sewing homework between the two days, maybe 1.5 hours? (I am very sloooow) but at the end of the two days you will have a very cute mohair bear with moving joints! Sessions are 11-3 each day and the cost is £70 overall including all materials and use of tools. It also includes cake, coffee and tea!


Basic Crochet
Sunday 26th March
Saturday 29th April
Saturday 1st July
Sunday 10th September

Broomstick Crochet
Sunday 17th September

Tunisian Crochet
Sunday 24th September
All workshops are 11am-3pm and cost £40 per person, all materials included and refreshments!

Sewing Workshops

Sunday 12th February - Padded Heart Garland
Saturday 11th February - Sewing Machine Surgery - Bring your machine in and get to know it a bit better in company, with tea and cake and best of all this day is completely free! A donation to NRAS would be appreciated (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) but is not obligatory.
Friday 31st March - Roman Blinds - make a sample size in a day which you can refer to and make more blinds! Save £££££s
Saturday 1st April - Recycled Denim - Bean bags, bags, organizers or just about anything! Learn the best way to deconstruct an old pair of jeans and rebuild them into something a bit more useful!
Sunday 9th April - As above!
Sunday 30th April - Free Motion Machine Embroidery, doodle with your sewing machine! Create amazing gifts and works of art with your machine :-)
Saturday 13th May - Scandi-style Apron
Sunday 20th August - Free Motion Machine Embroidery as above!

All workshops above are £40 per person, £20 deposit holds space.

Natural Dyeing

Sunday 23rd April - seasonal dyeing
Saturday 6th May - seasonal dyeing
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June - Indigo Batik
Saturday 2nd September - Purple Reed Heads
all workshops above are £40 per person and run from 11-3 include all materials and cake

Rag Rugs

Sunday 15th October - Rag Rugs
Sunday 19th November - Rag Wreath
Sunday 26th November - Rag Wreath

Other Workshops!

Upholstery - 5th May - limited to two persons, £40 per person
Puppets! - Sunday 21st May
Papermaking  - 9th July
Brewing - Saturday 15th July and 16th July - Green Walnut Wine

Cheers everyone! It's been a tricksy 2016 but we've nearly done it....x