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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Workshops 2013

 Workshop season is upon us - this means I get to try out a few new ideas in order to inspire the crafter in you!
The old needlework magazines with the templates for embroidery pattern and monogram initials led to the 'Welly Freshener Hearts' you see above - embroidered by hand or machine on old French linen and tickings!
 We've had a few workshops already this year - bunting making...
 ...and needlefelting have been great fun to do! 

The next workshop at HH HQ is cushion making and even complete beginners can become confident on a sewing machine and produce something to be proud of! Saturday 25th May 1.30 - 5 - £40 with all materials provided along with plenty of tea and homemade cake!
We then welcome back Jenny Tidman who is gathering quite a band of needlefelting groupies - this time she's showing us how to make 2D garlands using templates - I am VERY excited about this one! Friday 7th June 11 - 3 £30 with a light lunch included. There are only a few spaces left on this one as Jenny's workshops are very popular, so much so that she has agreed to come and do needlefelted figures again on Friday 21st June! Book early as places are going fast...
 Another workshop which has had a lot of interest is the one where we will be making a Vintage Style bag with the fabric set into a clip frame - there are also fixings within the frame allowing you to attach a chain or fabric handle! Saturday 22nd June and 28th September 1.30 - 5 as well as Friday 19th July 11 - 3 £40 with a large selection of vintage fabrics and linens to choose from!

 This little piece of handmade cutwork trim has been picked up and admired soooo many times - I've lost count of the number of people who have tried to buy it! I dyed this with my good friend Lynne during our experimental plant dyeing sessions - it is (of course) dyed with INDIGO! A magical dye which never fails to surprise me...we're getting the dyepots out again on the following dates:

Saturday 8th June 1.30 - 5 for Madder and Mordants

Friday 28th June 11 - 2 and Saturday 20th July 1.30 - 5 for Indigo

Saturday 24th August 1.30 - 5 and Friday 30th August 11 - 2 for seasonal dyeing with purple feather reed heads, locally grown plants which produce a rich, pistachio green shade!

All the dyeing workshops are £40 per session and you will leave with a skein of yarn and some silk...that way you can make something beautiful with it when you get home!

 I'm the welly wearer in my house and now I'm keeping my wellies fresh with lavender filled linen hearts - teaming old linens and lavender from provence with some very stylish initial templates from some vintage needlework magazines! 
 Smelly wellies no more!
The soapmaking workshops are great - along with the candlemaking they make the shop smell amazing....Saturday 6th July and 21st September 1.30 - 5 £50 using essential oils, cocoa butter and coconut oil and the cold process method to produce delicious soaps - 1 kg of various soaps in total!
These two look after HH HQ and the one on the right was made by the rather clever Jane Southgate and is me! The shady character on the left is the scoundrel Alfonso, breaker of hearts all over the world...we're having one more ragdoll day at HH HQ - a handsewing workshop and a lot of fun! Saturday 13th July 1.30 - 5 £15
Get to grips with hooking and create some frocks for rocks - suitable for beginners and a fun way to learn....Saturday 15th June and 3rd August 2 - 5 £25 - limited spaces!

Other workshops include...

Scented Container Candles on Saturday 27th July and 14th September 2 - 5 £35 each person makes at least 3 container candles per session

Altered Mends on Sunday 2nd and 30th June - bring along those ripped hems, loose buttons, that dress you've been meaning to alter or those trousers that need taking up! 

With a whole haberdashery FULL of notions available! 

Includes plenty of tea and cake £20 per person (machines, threads and tools along with a selection of hard haberdashery included in session fee any extra materials will need to be paid for at the end of the session)

Text Nic on 07887511081 or drop by HH HQ on Monday, Tuesday 10 - 4 Wednesday 1.30 - 4 or Saturday 10 - 1 for more details. 

A workshop place is secured once full payment is received and a full refund will be given on any workshops cancelled due to illness, bad weather or low booking numbers.

Happy Thursday! Nic x