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Monday, 29 July 2013

Workshop Wonders!

 Working out which workshops are going to be popular is tricky and *I* like to keep things fresh and interesting! I've had these French needlework magazines for years and LOVE the monogramme decided Welly Boot fresheners were the way to go! 
Embroidered with free motion machine embroidery, stuffed with dried lavender from Provence and made in old linen or ticking it's the smartest (and smelliest) way to combat smelly wellies! Saturday 7th September, details below!
 Needle felting is (as Jenny often starts her workshops with saying...) not strictly 'felting' the fibres but rather 'tangling' the fibres with a very sharp, barbed needle! We have yet to come up with a better name...
We have a lot of fun on these workshops as Jenny has hundreds of funny stories and is so informative about all things fleecey! We also manage to fit a lunch in somehow but everyone is always eager to get back to stabbing the poor little creatures!
 Janice was immediately 'hooked' and continued needling until midnight after leaving us that afternoon! She made this little chap, he soooo adorable! Jenny has a few needle felting days coming up on Friday 16th August and Friday 6th September, she is also doing a wet felting workshop for us on Friday 27th September. See below for details!
Jenny has persuaded me to run a little workshop making a Pixie Skirt like my Pirate one! She has her eye on the fabric with neon chickens on it...Sunday 15th September, details below!

 The vintage clasp bag workshop was a big hit, the next one is on Saturday 28th September and is fully booked but there will be another, let me know if you'd like to do this one. I can do this as a 'craft party' with 3 to 4 me for details!
Penny, Vicki and Claire all made AMAZING bags with vintage fabrics!
 Jenny's bag was embellished with beads...beautiful!
 Emma chose this gorgeous fabric and wirework trim! Stunning! Emma has a brilliant blog which I've only just discovered here!
 Ah, back to yarn...and this one has 'sprinkles'!
 With a subtle shimmer of sequins the Adriafil 'Gaida Trends' is a perfect yarn to make a skinny scarf in and learn a couple of new hooky skills! Broomstick Crochet on Saturday 17th August and Tunisian Crochet on Saturday 31st August when we will also be Cro-hooking! Places are going fast for these two workshops...see below for details!

 With my background in soft furnishings and my interest in revamping and recycling I have tried to get an upholstery workshop in somewhere for YEARS and this year we finally did it! We've had three so far and everyone has surprised themselves with how much they have managed to achieve on each of these days, Alison recovered her husband's footstool with a tapestry she had recently completed!
 Jen completely restored a treasured chair for her daughter, this was her first upholstery project and she know wants a webbing stretcher!
 Janice made this...

 ...and Penny turned this...
 ...into THIS! It just needs it's box cushion seat...there's one more session planned for this year and that's Friday 9th August, see below for details!
 We're doing the last ever Ragdoll workshop onSaturday 10th August and then that's it! 'I've never laughed so much in my life...' Ma July 2013 - says it all really!
 We've had a mermaid, a Bollywood actress, a circus strongman, a soldier (complete with bearskin) a hare, a Seikh warrior, a ringmaster, a wrestler, several 'mini-mes' and this time TWO cats and a Captain Jack Sparrow! I've only seen two completed ragdolls from the last session so far...and here's one of them!
 Another special request repeat is Indigo dyeing! We've got the last session on Monday 12th August and there are a couple of spaces left...let me know if you fancy getting messy! Details below!
 We got some amazing blues last time!
 And finally, my secret project! My friend is a Pre-school head teacher and she left at the end of term, the children wanted to give her something to remind her of them - 42 hands!
Any creative types would jump at the chance to make something so beautiful and meaningful, keeping it secret was the hardest bit!
 This idea can be adapted to make a smaller wall hanging or cushion and you get to have a lot of fun playing with machine embroidery and embellishments! I have a session of Hands and Feet coming up on Saturday 5th October, capture your favourite little people's hands and feet and create a piece of textile history! See below for details!

Full list of dates (so far) subject to change and a place is confirmed when payment is made, thank you! There is always cake and plenty of tea and coffee...let me know if gluten-free etc. You only need bring yourself unless materials or protective clothing is specified!

Upholstery Day on Friday 9th August 10.30-4.30 £35 and you do need an item of furniture to work on, I need to know what it is and roughly waht size piece you are working on - please bring a lunch with you. There are a few takeaways nearby too! Spaces available

Ragdolls! Saturday 10th August 1.30-5 - £15 Spaces available! 

Indigo! Skein of yarn, some fabric, fleece, whatever your fibre vice is? A messy, smelly workshop full of magic and science! Monday 12th August 10-1ish (probably all day!) £40 a few spaces free...

Needle Felting with Jenny Tidman, Friday 16th August and Friday 6th September 11-3 and a light lunch is included - £30 Spaces free but they go fast as everyone re-books!

Broomstick Crochet, the most fun you can have with a big stick and a hook! Includes gorgeous sparkly yarn and tools so you can complete a scarf at home after the session! Saturday 17th August 1.30-5 - £35 Limited space

Natural dyeing with Purple Feathery Reed heads! Another magical dyeing session using native plants that grow along the River Gipping - purple in the dyebath but turning a wonderful pistachio green when exposed to the air...Saturday 24th August 1.30-5 and Friday 30th August 11-2 £40 a skein of yarn, fleece and fabric to take away with you included! Spaces available

Tunisian Crochet and Cro-hooking are a cross between knitting and crochet, both produce a firm 'fabric' ideal for scarves, cushions, blankets and bags! We're 'hooking' with sparkly yarn and you will have all the tools and materials to complete the project at home! Saturday 31st August 1.30-5 - £35 Limited space

Welly Fresheners! Lavender, linen and free motion machine embroidery, make ideal gifts for all the welly wearers you know! Saturday 7th September 1.30-5 - £30 Spaces available

Pixie Skirt! Adventures in fabric and a fun way to spend a Sunday! 15th September 11-4 - £35 Spaces available

Soap! Handmade, cold process soap makes amazing gifts for family and friends! 1.30-5 - £50 Limited space

Make a wet-felted bowl with Jenny Tidman! Jenny's first love is wet-felting and she blogs about her passion for fibre here, there's also a lot of stuff about our friendship and the coincidences which have come to light since we met on Twitter a few years ago...spaces are filling fast for this workshop so don't dally! Friday 27th September 11-3 - £40 (price is tbc but will be around this) all materials included as is cake, coffee and tea but please bring along a lunch, heating facilities available.

Hands and Feet! Make a unique gift for Christmas and create an heirloom like the quilt I made for Lynne on Saturday 5th October 1.30-5 - £35 using old linens and Liberty print fabrics! Spaces available

Book in the usual way, either drop by and see me at HH HQ or drop me a text 07887511081 or even a tweet @halfpennyhome

Cheers! Nic x