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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Seasonal Workshops - crafting for Christmas 2016!

 The reed heads are popping out which means that it nearly time for one of my favourite natural dye workshops! There are a lot of plants in flower now which are all good dyes, the tansy on my allotment is particularly good this year. I'm running another couple of natural dyeing workshops this year and I'm always happy to do extra sessions with small groups at any other time. Any excuse to get the dye pots out! It seems insane to be thinking about Christmas gifts already but anyone who makes anything will know that these things take time! A workshop is a perfect way to learn something new, create a personalised gift for a loved one and spend a day with some lovely people!
 This year sees a new workshop and a new person teaching here! Helen makes these adorable mohair bears as well as lots of other cute creatures - each bear takes two days to make with a little bit of handstitching homework in the week between dates.
 On my days off I like to get together with a couple of mates and play around with different materials, catch up on gossip and sometimes hatch out some new workshop ideas! Sarah's husband came up with the name - Beadelicious! 
He has a point, with the yummy colours, a bit of shimmer and an excuse to get some tools out!
Last weekend we had another Scandi inspired day with Sarah, some lovely artistic ladies and a raspberry jam and creme fraiche gluten free cake!

 Keeping Sarah busy and who doesn't just love these fabulous fabric roses? Using millinery techniques and tools to form these gorgeous blooms means that you can embellish headpieces or bags!

 We've been hiring the marquee next door to HH HQ to hold some of our bigger workshops, it's a lovely atmosphere and light - when we get all the weavers in there it's like a party! We even have our own 'textile fireworks' with sounds of 'ooo' and 'ahhh' as colours and textures of yarns are compared, selected and woven into the works of art! The next session is booked out but Cherrie is coming to do a couple more sessions for us before Christmas, the first in September is Saori Style and the second in October will be to make a scarf.
 Current list 11th August 2016
Friday 19th - Silk Flowers with Scarlett Valentine - £40
Saturday 20th - Polymer Clay and Resin Jewellery - £40
Sunday 21st - Raspberry Wine Making - £40
Saturday 27th and 3rd September - Mohair Bears - £70
Sunday 29th - Natural Dyeing - £40
Saturday 10th - Stinky Fish, a sewing workshop for children! £20
Sunday 11th - Saori Style Weaving - £55
Sunday 11th, 18th and 25th - Learn to knit socks with confidence and without a pattern! £70
Saturday 24th - Sew a Scandi Style Crossover Strap Apron - £40
Saturday 1st - Free Motion Machine Embroidery and Quilting - £40
Sunday 9th - Crochet £40
Saturday 15th - Weave a snuggly scarf for winter - £55
Sunday 16th and 23rd - Mohair Bear Making - £70
Saturday 22nd - Beadelicious! £40
Sunday 30th - Indigo Batik - £40

October Half Term Workshops 
for children! 
email for details and booking
Tuesday 25th - Skirt making
Wednesday - Weaving
Thursday - Private Birthday Party
Friday - Tweed Owls

Sunday 13th - Christmas Bunting - £40
Saturday 19th - Festive Free Motion Machine Embroidery - £40
Sunday 20th - Stitch a Festive Garland - £40
Saturday 26th - Christmas Papercraft with Scarlett Valentine - £40
Sunday 27th - Rag Wreath - £40
Sunday 11th - Festive Needle Felting - £40
Sunday 18th - Silver Clay Jewellery - £TBC

Book by dropping in to HH HQ, email or call 01449 721123 during shop hours, a deposit of £20 is required to hold a space - full payment on booking for the children's workshops.
It's harder than you would think to get a decent turkey picture but here are my growing up fast babies! Next out of the incubator are Indian Runner Ducks - fingers crossed! Nic x