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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Talking Turkey! More workshops for 2016!

 The first day of playing in the sunshine for my baby turkeys and proof that they can be taught how to walk...this was the week before last so they are a little bigger now!

 New project for the children to make this summer holiday, a lot of fun to make and trialled by Hannah who is one of my Super Star Stitchers! She also helped design the owl tidy!
Hannah's owl is the top one, isn't it great?
 Although I'm not usually drawn to crochet I'm finding that having a big project 'on the go' quite nice at present, at the rate I'm working it should be a blanket by next winter...possibly!
 I've had a couple of great dyeing sessions with some fabulous ladies over the last couple of weeks, it's lovely to do it here on the farm when the sun is shining and so different to last year where it rained everytime the dyepans came out! 
The first group did two days of indigo dyeing with me. The first day is spent creating areas of resist by folding and clamping, stitching and tieing or using wax and handcut stencils. In the background I prepare a dye vat, this takes a whole day and is not a timed process at all but changes are observed at each stage before moving on. We do all the dipping in the last half an hour! The following day I get to step back and enjoy watching someone else preparing a vat.
I enjoy watching projects being planned like the napkins clamped between cardboard, even the string and card are kept for future use in some artwork! Mary spent a whole days sewing stripes and tieing groups of three beans into some lawn to make a scarf.

 Mary's scarf after dipping and rinsing!
 Penny's napkins!
 Some children who visit HH HQ had used Loom Bands to tie dye some clothes!
 Penny's spectacular table cloth to match her napkins!
Looking forward to lots more dyeing this summer...but this is not how we get orange pigs!

 I decided to make a few napkins myself, my mum loves indigo!

 We've got a lot of new workshops on the list including Sarah Valentine making the sweet little houses and Scandi Handicrafts as well as the new crossover back apron one! 
Check out the list below!
 You can book in the usual ways, via email or text but it's always nice to see a friendly face at the shop - you never know when you would get a chance to play with a baby turkey again!
 After all this typing I'll be getting the dye books out for this Sunday's Fleece Preparation Workshop with Jenny Tidman, I've been looking forward to it for a long time and so have the lovely people who have booked onto it!
Sunday 19th Fleece Prep 11-3 £40
Sunday 26th Green Walnut Wine 11-3 £40
Saturday 2nd Spinning 10-1 £40 with social spinning session in the afternoon - morning workshop people can attend for free and all other spinners pay £10 for use of drum carders, refreshments and fun! We'll be in the tent so there's loads of space and light.
Saturday 9th Wet Felting 10-4 £50
Sunday 10th Advanced Knitting 11-3 £40
Saturday 16th July Polymer Clay and Resin Jewellery 11-3 £40
Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th Indigo Batik 11-3 £70
Saturday 23rd Dress Patterns, understanding and adapting them 11-3 £40
Sunday 24th Saori Weaving 10-4 £55
Saturday 30th Adapting dress patterns to fit and flatter 11-3 £40
Sunday 31st Crochet 11-3 £40
Saturday 6th Scandi Handicrafts 11-3 £40
Sunday 14th Saori Weaving 10-4 £55
Saturday 20th Polymer Clay and Resin Jewellery Making 11-3 £40
Sunday 21st Raspberry Wine Making 11-3 £40
Saturday 27th August and Saturday 3rd September Make Mohair Bears! 11-3 £70
Sunday 28th August Natural Dyeing with Plants and Mordants 11-3 £40
Sundays 11th, 18th and 25th Learn to knit socks with confidence and without a pattern! 11-3 £70
Saturday 24th Crossover back apron, Scandi style! Learn to work with French seams! 11-3 £40
Saturday 1st Free Motion Machine Embroidery and Quilting 11-3 £40
Sunday 9th October Crochet £40
Sunday 16th and 23rd Mohair Bear Making 11-3 £70
November 13th Soapmaking 11-3 £50
Sunday 20th Stitch a Festive Garland! 11-3 £40
Saturday 26th Nuno Felted Angel 11-3 £40
Sunday 27th Rag Wreath 11-3 £40
Sunday 11th Festive Needle Felting 11-3 £40
Looking forward to seeing you on some of our exciting and fun workshops soon! Nic x