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Friday, 17 January 2014

Goodbye Station Yard, Hello Alder Carr Farm...

 Our Christmas was a busy one as we had to pack up EVERYTHING from HH HQ in the Station Yard and install it in the old Mill Building at Alder Carr. Originally a Windmill but later a Dovecote, I will hopefully be able to post some photos of the building being moved to it's present position at some point but for now here a few from the present...

It's been hardwork sorting out the new HH HQ but as @jennytidman says in her recent blogpost it's going to be a lot cosier than the old place! Here's how the upstairs workshop is shaping up, just a few more little adaptions and we're there!
We even have a pet plant which has been named WILLF after the fantastic WI ladies of Felixstowe - we ran a mini workshop at their first WI meeting of 2014 and they gave us presents!

 Maybe I can persuade Jenny to crochet WILLF a pot cover...we'll have some crafting books for sale at the new place courtesey of Victoria Bell from Framlingham Bookshop. Victoria has been on many a workshop and is an avid crafter, cook and allotment keeper - we have a lot in common! I love her shop and feel very lucky to have a tiny part of it at HH HQ the shelves will hold some hard to find specialist crafting books along with some fun knitting and crochet pattern books...very exciting!
I've got my eye on the Home Brew one...
 Brace yourself for gorgeous photo of yarn in old nest boxes...beautiful!
 The new place was approved by the Wednesday knitting group this week when they had a sneak preview and in just over two weeks I'll be hanging up the signs welcoming people in through the door...
...but for now here's the list!

Workshops 2014

First Friday of every month HH HQ is reserved for Jenny's Needle Felting Ninjas! Booking is strongly recommended as Jenny has built up quite a fanclub during the past year or so and now they have their blackbelts in fibre sculpting they like to get together to stab, chat and eat cake. 
Running from 10-4 you are welcome to come and go as you please (providing you have booked your place!) bring your needles and fleece or buy some on the day, Jenny will have supplies!
Either bring a lunch with you if you aim to stay all day, needle felting makes you hungry! There is also an excellent cafe and of course the Farmshop Deli is full of tempting treats...

£10 per session - tea, coffee and cake included along with a whole load of encouragement!
You will need to have some experience of needle felting before coming along but as Jenny is running LOADS of beginner's workshops this year you will have plenty of opportunities to learn!

Friday 14th February Needle Felting using cookie cutters, yes! Cookie cutters make excellent templates for when you want uniform shapes for a garland or maybe to form the letters of a loved one's it's Valentine's Day and I happen to know that Jenny Tidman has just received a delivery of heart shape cookie cutters the possibilities are endless!
11-3 £35 as usual everything is included and you will be able to take your tools home with you to continue the felty fun!

Sunday 23rd February Free Motion Machine Embroidery, have fun and gain confidence in our popular sewing machine workshop. 11-3 £35

Saturday 1st March and Jenny is in the teacher's chair again as she takes up a crochet hook and teaches eager would-be hookers how to make an Amigurami Toadstool...cute!
11-3 £35 all included etc.

Sunday 16th June and one of Jenny Tidman's popular beginners Needle Felting workshops will be held 11-3 £35 everything included and you'll be able to take your tools home with you (or bring them along to the Friday Felting Ninjas maybe...)

Saturday 22nd and an unusual craft but extremely beautiful one...Broomstick Crochet! Create a gorgeous skinny scarf using just ONE large knitting needle and a crochet hook 11-3 £35

Sunday 23rd March, just in time for Mothering Sunday - Bathbombs and Balms, learn how to save £££££s and make some gorgeous bath and skin products with luxurious ingredients! £35 everything included as usual..

Saturday 29th March sees Joanne Scrace's first workshop at the new and very shiny HH HQ! Joanne aka Not So Granny has been teaching knitting and crochet workshops at The Sheep Shop for a while now and her classes are so popular that many have waiting lists! Joanne is going to be making Crocheted Spring Flowers 2-5 £35 you must have some crochet skills already although Joanne will also be teaching absolute beginners in the morning 10-1 £35

Sunday 30th March Felted Baubles! Learn to make and embellish felted baubles with Jenny Tidman. The finished felt beads can then be turned into all sorts of jewellery! £35 all included as usual.

Saturday 5th April Needle Felting figures and Jenny has a cute new creature to show you, I have them in the shop with me... 11-3 £35

Sunday 6th April Get that unloved or much feared machine out from it's hiding place and lets put it through it's paces! Get to know your sewing machine a bit better... 11-3 £35

Saturday 12th April and another crochet workshop from Joanne Scrace! This time she'll be showing us how to make Vintage Style Lace Edgings, gorgeous additions to adapt items in your wardrobe, something we fully approve of! Thrifty AND pretty...2-5 £35 as ever everything is included and you can take your yarn hook and patterns home with you to continue at home!

Sunday 13th April and getting out the dyepots for the season and this time it's Indigo and we will be changing things about a bit with batik! 11-3 £35

Saturday 19th April and this week it's soap! 11-3 £50

Sunday 20th April Free Motion Machine Embroidery 11-3 £35

Sunday 4th April Indigo Batik 11-3 £35

And that is as far as we've got for now but there will be more workshops coming up including sewing, natural dyeing, fleece preparation and spinning!

I do hope you'll visit the new place and I hope I have tempted a few of you to try something new?

Nic x