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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Surprise parcels!

My turn to apologise for such a long blogcation, though I can vouch for the fact that we've not been resting on our laurels! However, there's no excuses....and it's time to get things moving again...especially since Spring has well and truly arrived this last few days.  Isn't it glorious to feel that first bit of sun on your back? 
And I must admit, Nic and I both felt pretty sunny on the inside too, given the recent arrival in the post of these two publications!  A Green Guide to Country Crafts has been published in Finland and Estonia!  Our lovely publishers, CICO, kindly sent us a copy of each and I have to say, it was a big surprise to us both.
How funny to see all the words you've written in another language?  Particularly since neither of us has any grasp at all of either language..... Pilliroo poorised - translated means Purple Common reed heads in Estonian!  Handy to know!
And we now know that shampoo bars in Estonian is Sampoonseebid.....
And that Chocolate Mint soap is Minttusuklaasaippua in Finnish!
And whilst on the theme of all things Country Crafts, I thought I'd share with you the very unique and special wrapping that enveloped my birthday present from's contact sheets from the very early days of doing our book!  How about that for the ultimate in recycling! 
And check out the knitted tag with, of course, buttons!!  


Friday, 17 February 2012

Creative Surges!

 It's been a while since I've blogged! I've been 'creating plenty just a little 'blog-shy' - brace yourselves for some crafty makes!
My favourite one and one that I have been meaning to do for quite a while....

 I have a teenage son, he's grunty, saves up his washing for me, gives me last minute 'requests for cash' and flowers on Mother's Day....anyway, he's had his cute moments! 
Boys and patchwork are not your usual bedfellows and I've rediscovered patchwork since producing Country Crafts and found this to be a satisfying, rewarding and not too challenging project!
Old T-shirts! Remember when they were so tiny that they would fit on an ironing board? They wouldn't now!
I absolutely LOVED this one, our whole family are bonkers about music and I think I squeezed the Boy into this for many more years than I should have!

 *weeps* he bought this one from H&M in Norwich with his own money - the first item of clothing chosen and purchased all on his very own!

 This one was a gift from my beloved younger brother and his wife-to-be at their rather brilliant wedding!

 Noone could fail to see where this one came from but the story behind this one is lovely! The Boy is a water-baby and found the ground level fountains - he then spent A LONG TIME dancing, prancing, ducking and having a wonderful time - we have all this on film ready to roll out on his wedding day (of course!) but he ended up soaked to the skin, needing an emergency T-shirt and a lavender foot bath, he cut all his feet...

 ...and because you can never really believe just how quickly they grow I included the labels...

We are doing a series of workshops making these quilts - there is no machine sewing involved, it's a very relaxing, hand-sewn project so if you fancy joining us on Saturday afternoons from March 14th through to May 5th let us know! Drop by HH HQ or email for details....

 I've so enjoyed trying new things, the porcelain workshops at Rachel Dormer's studio do remain a firm favourite - I can't wait to go again - soon! I do so love these pinch bowls, both making and using...

 ...there has also been a renewed interest in breadmaking, spurred on by some of the more adventurous (competitive?) fellas on twitter I got out the yeast and turned out some fairly decent rolls - Jacqui is really good and makes her own bread all the time but I'm a little out of practise!

 Of course, along with all the crafting goes the music and the second-hand turntable I treated myself to for my 40th birthday (last year) has been a constant joy - going through records, yes.....

 ...real-life big vinyl plates of music has been fantastic, it just sounds better with crackles...! Next time I manage to get a blog-post together I will show you a very 'different' kind of use for a vinyl LP, that's 'long player' for all you youngsters!

 And finally, there's always one of those! A heart, it's been Valentine's Day so what could be more appropriate....? 
Makes a change from socks, they are strangely cuddly, squeezable and I can't stop making them! The most fun you can have with four needles!

I reall do hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of my creative efforts, Nic x