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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The fruits of my labour!

I've done it! And just in time for Strawberry season too! This is my first knitting project ever - well, unless you count the skinny scarf type efforts of my very young years. It was with a lot of trepidation that I embarked on this project - eagerly encouraged by Nicola who, I have to say, is just totally inspirational and without whom I would never have attempted it! There were a couple of panic phone calls along the way, just to check that I was doing things right, but here it is....and I am so proud of myself!

From comments both in the studio and on the blog, I think there will be a lot more strawberries popping up before long - it just cheers you up doesn't it? And knowing I've made it myself just makes it so much more special! I think I may just make another one.....or two.....

I just had to include the picture of my westie, who's a bit of an attention seeker - he couldn't resist getting in on the act when I was taking these pictures - spot the tea-cosy in the background!



  1. Loving that cosy -really makes me think of Summer...and makes me hungry too! Your westie is adorable xx

  2. Thanks for your comments Jackie - you're right, it does conjure up lovely thoughts of Summer doesn't it?

    Jacqui x

  3. Well done you.Mine is nearly finished too! I've been ill and knitting in bed... I have seen an adorable pattern on Little Cotton Rabbits for knitted strwaberries - they are gorgeous. Hope to see you again soon (I need my shopping that I left benind).xx

  4. Hi Helen. Poor you! Hope you are feeling better very soon! You'll have to bring your tea cosy over to show us soon!
    Love Little Cotton Rabbits but haven't looked lately so will have to have a look now!

  5. Jacqui, it is beautiful. Well done for persevering. x